Wybrane rodzaje żółtych, brązowychi czerwonych laków organicznych– wstępna metodyka badawcza

Justyna Olszewska-Świetlik, Tomasz Szymczak

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/AUNC_ZiK.2011.022


The article presents the results of research into properties of paints, basedon the selected yellow, brown and red organic lake pigments, including theirgranulation, opacity and colour in visible light, ultraviolet and coloured infrared.Paints were applied onto panels with monochrome groundings, made based onthe pigments that were historically used for this purpose. In order to illustratethe differences in the properties of lakes resulting from the use of differentsubstrates, a juxtaposition of photographs has been made, as well as a detaileddescription of the coloured products, obtained from the following raw materials:Aloe arborescens Mill., Reseda luteola L., Rubia L. tinctorum. The results have beenarranged in tables, including, additionally, a comparative list of photographs ofglazes, having similar fluorescence in the UV, and a similar tone in colour infrared.

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