Badanie przyczepności lakierów metodą siatki nacięć

Jacek Stachera



This paper presents the outcome of research on the level of resistance of lacquercoatings against delamination off the support in result of cutting the surfacein rectangular net pattern, penetrating through the coating to the support. Thetests were executed on contemporary used lacquers based on both natural andartificial resins as well as a large number of lacquers based on historic formulas.Also some ready-made products available on the marked were tested. In theprepared lacquer compositions next to traditional solvents also 1-metoxy-2--propanol and an admixture of methyl dipropylene glycol ether were used. Theuse of those to dissolve natural resins was dictated by the need to find lacquersof optimal handling properties (suitable fluidity and drying time), allowing foruniform application on painted of gilded surfaces. The effects of performedtexts proved satisfactory.

Słowa kluczowe

lakier; przyczepność lakieru; konserwacja

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