Zagadnienia warsztatu malarskiego epitafium Hansa Gronau z Bazyliki Mariackiej w Gdańsku

Justyna Olszewska-Świetlik



The paper presents technical structure of the epitaph painting of Hans Gronau from Our Lady’s Basilica in Gdańsk. The painting was executed in Gdańsk painter’s workshop in the year 1612. Basing on the integrated physical, chemical and instrumental research artists’ materials applied have been identifi ed. In relation with historic and technological knowledge the most characteristic features of painters’ workshop, that executed the painting have been characterised. Artists’ technique and technology employed while executing the epitaph painting of Hans Gronau has been rooted in the tradition of 17th century painting. The results of presented research contribute to the history of technology of painting of the Gdańsk school of
the period from 17th to 19th century.

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