Existence, localization and stability of limit-periodic solutions to differential equations involving cubic nonlinearities

Jan Andres, Denis Pennequin


We will prove, besides other things like localization and (in)stability, that the differential equations $x'+x^3-\lambda x=\varepsilon r(t)$, $\lambda> 0$, and $x''+x^3-x=\varepsilon r(t)$, where $r\colon\mathbb{R}\to\mathbb{R}$ are uniformly limit-periodic functions, possess for sufficiently small values of $\varepsilon > 0$ uniformly limit-periodic solutions, provided $r$ in the first-order equation is strictly positive. As far as we know, these are the first nontrivial effective criteria, obtained for limit-periodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations, in the lack of global lipschitzianity restrictions. A simple illustrative example is also indicated for difference equations.


Limit-periodic solutions; differential equations; cubic nonlinearity; existence of solutions; localization; (in)stability; essentiality

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