Index 1 fixed points of orientation reversing planar homeomorphisms

José M. Salazar, Francisco Romero Ruiz del Portal



Let \(U \subset {\mathbb R}^2\) be an open subset, \(f\colon U \rightarrow f(U) \subset {\mathbb R}^2\) be an orientation reversing homeomorphism and let \(0 \in U\) be an isolated, as a~periodic orbit, fixed point. The main theorem of this paper says that if the fixed point indices \(i_{{\mathbb R}^2}(f,0)=i_{{\mathbb R}^2}(f^2,0)=1\) then there exists an orientation preserving dissipative homeomorphism $\varphi\colon {\mathbb R}^2 \rightarrow {\mathbb R}^2$ such that \(f^2=\varphi\) in a~small neighbourhood of \(0\) and \(\{0\}\) is a~global attractor for \(\varphi\). As a corollary we have that for orientation reversing planar homeomorphisms a~fixed point, which is an isolated fixed point for \(f^2\), is asymptotically stable if and only if it is stable. We also present an application to periodic differential equations with symmetries where orientation reversing homeomorphisms appear naturally.


Fixed point index, Conley index, orientation reversing homeomorphisms, attractors, stability

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