Późnobarokowy sobór św. Mikołaja w Sankt Petersburgu, dzieło Sawwy Iwanowicza Czewakińskiego na styku epok

Przemysław Waszak

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/SZiK.2016.004


The aim of the article is to allow for a closer look at the architecture of St. Nicolas Cathedral of Saint Petersburg build in 1753-1762, and its place in the history of art. It is the most important and best-preserved artistic achievement of the Russian architect Savva Chevakinsky, as well as a glorious example of Elizabethan baroque style. The maker of the cathedral boasts a rich and versatile project output. He then educated subsequent artists significant to the history of architecture. Chevakinsky possessed deep and comprehensive preparation, enabling him to accept miscellaneous commission orders. In his most important masterpiece the architect included references to Old Russian architecture and interestingly interpreted artistic motifs used in leading contemporary European architecture. The artist experienced an abrupt change of the operative style, from baroque to classicism. His decision to withdraw from artistic life was obviously premature. The article depicts that exciting historic figure through the prism of his architectonic achievements, the people he encountered over his lifespan as well as his own vicissitudes of life. Saint Petersburg’s architecture of the Middle of 18th century reflected a shift in both stylistic periods as well as the cultural and aesthetic approach of the ruling elites of the time.

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Sankt Petersburg; sobór św. Mikołaja; Sawwa Czewakiński; Rosja; późny barok; architektura; XVIII w.

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