Simultaneous Interpreting as a Demanding Strategic Operation – the Issue of the Interpreter’s Experience

Joanna Ziobro-Strzępek



Strategies such as omissions, additions, and self-corrections are regarded as a sine qua non
condition of simultaneous interpreting in all its aspects. Therefore, an empirical study was
devised in order to examine the distribution of the aforementioned strategies in the performance
of 10 professional interpreters and 10 student interpreters from Krosno State College.
The rendition of two selected speeches was analysed on the basis of an experiment involving
bi-directional interpreting from Polish into English and from English into Polish. The study
will shed a new light on the way the aforementioned strategies are applied by interpreters at
a different level of advancement.

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simultaneous interpreting, experience, omissions, additions, self-corrections, interpreting quality

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