Uposażenie profesora zwyczajnego polskiej państwowej szkoły akademickiej od 1 II 1934 do 30 IX 1939 r.

Jarosław Jastrzębski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/RDSG.2013.11


Remuneration of a full professor in Polish state academic schools from 1 February 1934 to 30 September 1939 (Summary)

The aim of the article is to present the principles behind the system for remunerating full professors in Polish state academic schools in the years 1934–39, and changes in the level of the remuneration in that period. The following remuneration systems were also compared: the quota system, established on 1 February 1934 and in force until the outbreak of World War II, and the preceding point scoring system in force in the years 1923–34. The study is based on source materials such as an analysis of state legal acts dating from 1918–39. To begin with, particular stages of the transformation of the legislation governing remuneration in academic schools are discussed, and the position of the quota remuneration system that existed. It then presents the essence of the new remuneration system and particular components of the remuneration are classified into the base salary and supplementary remuneration; where the supplementary remuneration comprised: a local allowance and function-related allowance. These amounts are compared to the previous status, in an attempt to find a common denominator for data from different periods and to prepare the most reliable comparisons. The amount of a professor’s remuneration, established in 1934, remained stable until the end of the interwar period. Until 1939 no changes were made to the amount of a full professor’s various remuneration components. The rules for paying them did not change to any great extent. This was associated with the general economic situation in Poland, as well as being related to the successful implementation of new legal regulations.

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history of university-level studies; ordinary professor; economic history; remuneration of academic teachers’ in the Second Polish Republic

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