Opening address: Paraconsistent logic

Newton C.A. da Costa



I am honoured with and touched by the invitation of delivering the opening address of this Congress. Firstly, to see paraconsistent logic flourishing and growing, as we can readily see by simply glacing over the programme of this conference, is among one of my greatest joys. Secondly, and equally important, because this congress takes place in the University of Toruń.I am honoured for having lectured here, a most congenial and stimulating place, and could not think of a better place for a conference dedicated to the memory of Stanisław Jaśkowski. In particular, I am delighted for having had a correspondence with him, and although I was deprived of the pleasure of meeting him personally, I was fortunate enough for having collaborated with some of his disciples, such as L. Dubikajtis and T. Kotas. All and all, Toruń in particular and Poland in general are for me a second home, for all the kindness and care everyone has shown to me over several years, since my very first visit to this country.

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