Grammatical structures and logical deductions

Wojciech Buszkowski



The three essays presented here concern natural connections between grammatical derivations and structures provided by certain standard grammar formalisms, on the one hand, and deductions in logical systems, on the other hand. In the first essay we analyse the adequacy of Polish notation for higher-order languages. The Ajdukiewicz algorithm (Ajdukiewicz 1935) is discussed in terms of generalized MP-deductions. We exhibit a failure in Ajdukiewicz’s original version of the algorithm and give a correct one; we prove that generalized MP-deductions have the frontier property, which is essential for the plausibility of Polish notation. The second essay deals with logical systems corresponding to different grammar formalisms, as e.g. Finite State Acceptors, Context-Free Grammars, Categorial Grammars, and others. We show how can logical methods be used to establish certain linguistically significant properties of formal grammars. The third essay discusses the interplay between Natural Deduction proofs in grammar oriented logics and semantic structures expressible by typed lambda terms and combinators.

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