Spór o Triest w relacjach dyplomatycznych polsko-włoskich w latach 1945–1947

Maria Pasztor

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KH.2014.121.2.03


The Dispute about Trieste in Polish-Italian Relations in 1945–1947

The recognition of Poland as a signatory of the peace treaty signed with the satellite states of the Third Reich was the reason why Warsaw became a member of a political-territorial and economic commission dealing with Italy at the Paris conference (29 July–15 October 1946). Hence, i.a. the efforts made in Rome involving Poland and its support for Italian postulates concerning a priority question, i.e. the administration of Trieste by Italy. Despite promises of backing the Italian proposals, Polish diplomacy, embroiled in the games played by the Kremlin with the great powers, was compelled to withdraw and in the course of preparations for the Paris conference and subsequently in its course it assumed a stand favourable towards Yugoslavia. The dependence of Polish diplomacy on Moscow and the subjugation of Italian policies to Washington meant that Cold War relations between Rome and Warsaw were of secondary importance for both countries.

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