The Charismatic Journey of the Teresian Carmel in the Light of the Lives and Works of Its Saints and Blesseds (1568–2018). 450th Anniversary

Ciro García Fernández



This essay on the 450-year history of the Teresian Carmel focuses on the charismatic journey made by the most representative figures, from the time of the founders until our own day. We explore this charismatic experience under three headings: as spiritual journey, as communion with God, and as apostolic mission. This focus on the charismatic experience helps us to perceive more clearly the different phases in the history of Carmel. The common denominator, or the golden thread running through these various experiences, is the theme of searching, seeking, and it speakspowerfully at a theological, an anthropological and a charismatic level. This hermeneutical key draws its inspiration from Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. The searching, seeking, results in a host of different paths which enrich the charismatic history of Carmel. The essay concludes by bringing out the cultural dimension of this experience – that “lifestyle and sisterly manner” – which finds its expression in the literary, poetic and humanistic tradition of the Teresian Carmel.

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Teresian Carmel; charism; experience; communion; mission; culture

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