Altitudinal training sets of pollen rain – vegetation cover and modelled climate as a tool for the interpretation of paleoecological records

Roberta Pini, Federica Badino, Michele Brunetti, Elena Champvillair, Giulia Furlanetto, Francesca Vallè, Cesare Ravazzi, Mattia De Amicis



To improve our ability to reconstruct past environments and climate from fossil pollen records, modern proxy calibration studies along climatic and ecological gradients are needed. Here we present the first training set of modern pollen rain, vegetation, climate and terrain parameters developed along a 1700m-high transect in the western Italian Alps. The accurate knowledge on the relationships between these factors is essential for robust and sound reconstructions of past ecosystems based on microscopic plant remains.


pollen dispersal; ecosystems reconstructions; ecological gradient; quantitative climate parameters

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