Climate Therapy and The Development of South Africa as a Health Resort, c.1850-1910

Christian M. Rogerson, Jayne M. Rogerson



Historical research is undeveloped concerning tourism in sub-Saharan Africa. This research contributes to scholarship about the history of tourism for climate and health. In South Africa the beginnings of international tourism are associated with its emergence as a health resort and to climate therapy. Using archival sources an analysis is undertaken of the factors that influenced the emergence of South Africa as a health destination during the 19th century. Climate therapy was of particular interest for the treatment of consumption or tuberculosis. Arguably, the perceived therapeutic regenerative qualities of South Africa’s climate became a driver for the development of a form of international tourism that pre-dated the country’s emergence as a leisure tourism destination.


historical tourism research; health resorts; climate therapy; South Africa

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Print ISSN: 1732-4254
Online ISSN: 2083-8298

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