Magnetic resonance elastography: a review

Grażyna Rusak, Elżbieta Zawada



Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) is a rapidly developing, non-invasive, precise and reproducible imaging technique used for imaging the mechanical properties of tissues and for quantitative evaluation of shear wave propagation in the examined tissues.

Magnetic resonance elastography based on three general steps, which can be described as induction of shear wave with a frequency of 50 - 5000 Hz in the tissue, then imaging of propagation of the waves inside the body (organ) using a special phase-contrast MRI technique and after all processing the acquired data in order to generate images which reveal tissue stiffness.

MRE enables detection and grading of chronic hepatic fibrosis. It can be used to monitor the response to treatment or to evaluate the progress of the disease. Attempts are made to use elastography in the assessment of different organs such as liver, heart, breast, lungs, kidneys, prostate, brain tissue and spinal cord, cartilages, muscles and bones.


magnetic resonance; elastography; liver; fibrosis and cirrhosis

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