Open call for papers:

Special Issue

“Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Global Change”

Guest Editors

Giulia Maisto1, Olga Mangoni1, Elvira Buonocore2, Pier Paolo Franzese2

 Federico II University of Naples, Department of Biology, Via Cinthia (80126) Naples, Italy.

 Parthenope University of Naples, Department of Science and Technology, Centro Direzionale Isola C4 (80143), Naples, Italy.

 Scope and goal of the special issue

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in supporting ecosystems functioning, maintaining healthy ecosystems while providing a multitude of ecosystem services to the increasing human population. The massive exploitation of natural resources and pollution generated by human activities are causing several environmental threats at local and global scale (e.g., fragmentation and habitat loss, altered nutrients cycling, and climate change), also significantly threatening biodiversity. As a consequence, species are forced to disappear or to modify their behavior, adapting to changing environments up to extreme habitats.

Given this premise, the special issue will gather theoretical, methodological, and applied papers on: the state of endangered habitats and ecosystems, the main causes of biodiversity loss, effects of global change on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, peculiar ecosystems in which different species show specific adaptation strategies to cope with extreme environments, resilience in response to anthropogenic disturbance, natural capital and ecosystem services assessment, and environmental accounting to explore costs, benefits and impacts of human activities.

 Important dates

 First submission date: open

  • Last submission date: April 30th, 2018
  • Publication fees: not applied


Please follow the “Guide for Authors” of the journal to prepare your manuscripts:

Please submit your manuscript by e-mail to (Managing Guest Editor) indicating in the subject of the message “special issue SITE-EQ”.

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