Museum in Kežmarok - its past and present

Erika Cintulová



The article History of the Kezmarok Museum captures the development of this institution since the second half of the 19th century, when the first efforts to establish a museum were initiated. The museum is housed in a castle building which dates back to the year of 1463. After initial problems with finding the building to locate the museum, the castle was finally designated as its seat. The museum was officially opened on May 31, 1931. Since that time, this institution has undergone many changes in respect of its profile, the specialization and creation of a collection fund, administrative governance and staffing. The conclusion of the paper provides the summary of the museum's current activities, cross-border cooperation, collection development as well as cultural and educational activities.

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Kežmarok Museum; History of Kežmarok; cross-border cooperation

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Baráthová Nora

: Kežmarský hrad. Kežmarok: Bambow, Múzeum v Kežmarku.

Cintulová Erika

: Dejiny Múzea v Kežmarku. In: 70 rokov Múzea v Kežmarku. Zborník príspevkov o múzeu. Kežmarok: Múzeum v Kežmarku.


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