Artefacts on Display: Museum Narrative for the Bulgarian National Revival Period

Iskren Velikov



Bulgarian museums, which present the National Revival period, form a whole category of exhibitions, the specifics of which are recognizable to a wide range of audiences. Themessages in these museums are not entirely unknown; on the contrary - there are certain preliminary expectations for them, the answer to which leads to satisfaction from the visit. In the minds of many Bulgarians, visiting these exhibitions, as well as the satisfaction of this act, are "mandatory". The artefacts construct an idea of the dynamics of social development, in which the virtues of the "old" society are complemented by modern European ideas of the era, and innovations in the life of Bulgarians happen only for the better. The presence of the exhibits in the museums of the Bulgarian National Revival is completely subordinated to the general presentation idea. Their main function is to illustrate the specific topic - the photograph visualizes a figure or location, the document testifies to them truth, and the personal belonging evokes adoration. From this point of view, artefacts play a supporting rather than a catalytic role - instead of "items with history", museums show "history complemented by items".

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Bulgarian National Revival; museums; artefacts; narrative

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