Castle Versus Ethnography. Creation of Museum Expositions in Lubovna Museum - the Castle

Dalibor Mikulik



The Lubovna Castle and its annexed Museum of Folk Architecture present a unique site in Central Europe. In the past permanent exhibitions in the castle contained collections of mostly ethnographic character. A significant change in the contents of the expositions occurred after the reconstruction and opening of the main castle tower, followed by the reconstruction of the Renaissance and Baroque palaces. Museum employees are currently taking up a challenge of creating a temporary or permanent exposition in the Lubomirsky Baroque Palace. The article presents the development of the castle exhibitions from 1966 up till now. It is a testimony based on the history of the place and experiences of generations of Stara Lubovna museologists.

Słowa kluczowe

castle; open air museum; authenticity; genius loci


Guntherova Alzbeta

: Instalacia sbierok podla modernych zasad muzeologickich. In Odborne prace v muzeach. Pokyny pre spravcov muzei, Martin: Svaz slovenskich muzei v Turc.

Sv. Martine.

Lubovnianske muzeum - hrad v Starej Lubovni, pomocny material, Sprievodca Lubovnianskym hradom a muzeom, 1967, PM 174/2015, PM 4931.yT


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