Existence results for evolution equations with superlinear growth

Irene Benedetti, Eugénio M. Rocha


By combining an approximation technique with the Leray-Schauder continuation principle, we prove global existence results for semilinear differential equations involving a dissipative linear operator, generating an extendable compact $C_0$-semigroup of contractions, and a Caratheodory nonlinearity $f\colon [0,T] \times E \to F$, with $E$ and $F$ two real Banach spaces such that $E \subseteq F$, besides imposing other conditions. The case $E\neq F$ allows to treat, as an application, parabolic equations with continuous superlinear nonlinearities which satisfy a sign condition.


Semilinear differential equation; approximation solvability method; Leray-Schauder continuation principle; Nemytskii operator

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