Twin positive solutions for singular nonlinear elliptic equations

Jianqing Chen, Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou, Eugénio M. Rocha


For a bounded domain $Z\subseteq{\mathbb{R}}^N$ with a $C^2$-boundary, we prove the existence
of an ordered pair of smooth positive strong solutions for the nonlinear Dirichlet problem
-\Delta_p x(z) = \beta(z)x(z)^{-\eta}+f(z,x(z))
\quad \text{a.e on } Z
\text{ with } x\in W^{1,p}_0(Z),
which exhibits the combined effects of a singular term ($\eta\geq 0$) and a $(p-1)$-linear term $f(z,x)$ near
$+\infty$, by using a combination of variational methods, with upper-lower solutions and with suitable truncation techniques.


Singular nonlinearity; positive solutions; variational methods; truncation techniques; upper-lower solutions

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