On nonsymmetric theorems for $(H,G)$-coincidences

Denise de Mattos, Edivaldo L. dos Santos

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/TMNA.2009.008


Let $X$ be a compact Hausdorff space, $\varphi\colon X\to
S^{n}$ a continuous map into the $n$-sphere $S^n$ that induces a
nonzero homomorphism $\varphi^{*}\colon H^{n}(S^{n};{\mathbb Z}_{p})\to
H^{n}(X;{\mathbb Z}_{p})$, $Y$ a $k$-dimensional CW-complex and
$f\colon X\to Y$ a continuous map. Let $G$ a finite group which acts
freely on $S^{n}$. Suppose that $H\subset G$ is a normal cyclic
subgroup of a prime order. In this paper, we define and we estimate
the cohomological dimension of the set $A_{\varphi}(f,H,G)$ of
$(H,G)$-coincidence points of $f$ relative to $\varphi$.


Borsuk-Ulam theorem; ${\Bbb Z}_{p}$-index; $(H;G)$-coincidence; free actions

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