On the Fučík spectrum for elliptic systems

Eugenio Massa, Bernhard Ruf


We propose an extension of the concept of Fučík spectrum to the
case of coupled systems of two elliptic equations, we study its
structure and some applications. We show that near a simple
eigenvalue of the system, the Fučík spectrum consists (after a
suitable reparametrization) of two (maybe coincident)
2-dimensional surfaces. Furthermore, by variational methods, parts
of the Fučík spectrum which lie far away from the diagonal (i.e.
from the eigenvalues) are found. As application, some existence,
non-existence and multiplicity results to systems with eigenvalue
crossing (``jumping'') nonlinearities are proved.


Elliptic system; Fučík spectrum; variational methods; topological degree

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