Matter and electromagnetic fields: remarks on the dualistic and unitarian standpoints

Vieri Benci, Donato Fortunato


The study of the relation of matter and the electromagnetic
field is a
classical, intriguing problem both from physical and mathematical point of
view. This relation can be interpreted
from two different standpoints which, following
[M. Born and L. Infeld, < i> Foundations of the new field theory< /i> , Proc. Roy. Soc. London
Ser. A < b> 144< /b> (1934), 425–451], are called
< i> unitarian standpoint< /i> and < i> dualistic standpoint< /i> .< /p>

< p> In this paper we briefly describe two models which are related to the
unitarian and the dualistic standpoint respectively. For each model it is
possible to prove the existence of solitary waves which can be interpreted as
matter particles.


Maxwell equations; variational principles; solitary waves

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