Zeros of closed 1-forms, homoclinic orbits and Lusternik-Schnirelman theory

Michael Farber



In this paper we study topological lower bounds on the number
of zeros of closed $1$-forms without Morse type assumptions. We prove that one may
always find a representing closed $1$-form having at most one zero. We
introduce and study a generalization ${\rm cat}(X,\xi)$ of the notion of the
Lusternik-Schnirelman category,
depending on a topological space $X$ and a $1$-dimensional real cohomology
class $\xi\in H^1(X;\mathbb R)$.
We prove that any closed $1$-form $\omega$ in class $\xi$
has at least ${\rm cat}(X,\xi)$ zeros assuming that $\omega$ admits a gradient-like
vector field with no homoclinic cycles.
We show that the number ${\rm cat}(X,\xi)$ can be estimated from below in terms
of the cup-products and higher
Massey products.

< p> This paper corrects some my statements made in
[< i> Lusternik–Schnirelman theory for closed $1$-forms< /i> , Comment. Math. Helv. < b> 75< /b>
(2000), 156–170] and [< i> Topology of closed $1$-forms and their critical points,
Topology < b> 40< /b> (2001), 235–258].< /p>


Morse theory; Lusternik-Schnirelman theory; closed 1-form; Massey products; homoclinic orbits

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