Investigating the relationship between customer experience management and economics with relationship marketing in sports clubs

Mohammad Saeid Kiani



The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between customer experience management and relationship
marketing strength of the economy in private clubs Iran province. This study correlations among the research used a
sample of all managers in private clubs Iran province to 530 people. Based on a sample of 210 subjects were selected.
Sampling was stratified random manner. Three questionnaire to collect information from customer experience
management Alaguz Mohammadi (1389), resistive economy Yousefi questionnaire (1394) and Aria relationship
marketing managers' questionnaire. For analysis of data, descriptive and inferential statistics, especially Kolmogorov-
Smirnov test path analysis using LISREL software test and structural equation modeling was used to determine the fit
The results showed that no significant relationship between customer experience management and relationship
marketing there. Resistance between customer experience management and economics, there is a significant
relationship. Resistance between relationship marketing and economics there is a significant relationship. The index
fitness adaptive (CFI), goodness of fit index (GFI), goodness of fit index modified (AGFI), indicators of fitness increase
(IFI), the index fit the norm of (NFI) and indicators fit the norm not (NNFI) are all close to 0/9 and more of it, so the
model, about the show and was approved. Finally, sports clubs suggest that the combined use of customer experience
management and relationship marketing strength in these economic conditions, maintain existing customers and attract
new customers to provide sports clubs.


Customer Experience Management, Resistive economy, Relationship marketing, Club

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