Techno - doping legal and ethical aspects

Renata Kopczyk



                Continuous fight for sport’s quality has been taking place throughout the last several decades, which is a result of morally weakened construction of sport. One of the most significant battles is taking place on legal field (but not only) and pertains to doping, which, in a way, has its roots in the aspiration for perfection, - "Citius Altius Fortius". However, this aspiration breaches legal regulations. Doping creates situations when sport no longer educates but corrupts. Fair play is vanishing, it is no longer the most valuable and prominent moral rule. Of course there is no doubt that doping is one of the highest threats  to sports competition based on fair play basis. And techno-doping is one of the most controversial issues in sport. Legal aspect of techno-doping prevention in sport became one of the most significant and difficult issues of sports law.


doping; sports regulations; techno-doping; transhumanism

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