Siegfired Zielinski – archeolog i wariantolog mediów

Przemysław Wiatr



In this article, I present the chosen themes of Siegfried Zielinski’s, the Greman media theoretician,
thought. It concerns his two great complementary projects: media archeology and variantology.
I discuss those issues in two parts of this article. In the first part, I depict the media
archeology project from a “methodological” perspective – here I point some assumptions form
which Zielinski starts his reflection on media. The second part is devoted to the theme of the
teology of mediality, which is a consequence of his variantological approach. Here, other figure
appears – Vilém Flusser; theoretician who also sees in this unexpected juxtaposition (of what
is divine/religious and what is medial/technical) a useful metaphor describing phenomenons of
contemporary culture.

Słowa kluczowe

media theory; media theology; Vilém Flusser

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