Nieznane arcydzieło. O Obrazach Włoch

Dariusz Czaja



The Pictures of Italy by Paweł Muratow, eminent Russian writer, seems to be a book well known
and unknown at the same time (with the emphasis laid on the last word). Almost a hundred years
since the first Berlin edition, this totally unique book has been translated into Polish only. For
a great part of Polish readers it has been recognized as an interesting and useful guide of Italy.
However, this amazing book is not something like an ordinary rough guide. In my article I’m
trying to mention some important and convincing reasons to treat it as history of italian art compendium,
a literary masterpiece, and a historiosophy essay as well. Because of its wide ranged
philosophical ambitions, it should be read along with Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. This is
a proper measure of its intellectual mastery.

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Italy; journey; guide; history of art; historiosophy

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