Niewiedza, cynizm i zniechęcenie. Trzy fazy nowoczesności i ich formy ideologiczne

Krzysztof Abriszewski, Adrian Zabielski



The first part of the paper follows Shoshana Zuboff The Age of Surveillance Capitalism and presents
three stages of Modernity. The third stage, surveillance capitalism itself, is then expanded
with Nick Srnicek’s concept of platform capitalism. The second part of the paper interprets Slavoj
Žižek’s traditional / cynical ideology distinction as a kind of historical sequence. Subsequently,
we propose the third form of ideology that relies on post-truth. We argue that three stages of
Modernity match three dominant forms of ideology. Juxtaposed together they may help to form
a matrix containing stages of modernity, forms of ideology and subject responses. In the final
paragraphs we argue that such a matrix is a good resource to analyze critical potential of popcultural

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Modernity, ideology, surveillance capitalism, platform capitalism, subject

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