Kłopoty z kulturą. Kultura jako praktyki kulturowe

Maria Flis

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/DP.2020.016


With reference to Manuel Castells, I agrue that the value of theory stems, above all, from its ability
provoke and structure empirical research – in other words, theory is communicated via the
analysis of practices. In this book, The Information Age, Castells wrote that the bast chance for
understanding socjety would be linked to a more patient approach to the gatherring of information
and the building of theories. The application of theory is of an iterative nature, and thus
„sensitizing” concepta aries. I share a view which James Clifford ezpressed in his 1988 book, The
Predicament of Culture: the study of culture oscillates beteen the local and global perspective,
constantly re-contextualizing its subject. Therefore, the main goal of cultural researchers should
be to create space for the future of cultures and to identify any threats thereto. I will attempt to
show that, in the realm of cultural dynamics, it is possible to „invent” a borader system of theories
and concepts. The predicament with culture is actually immanent in the meaning of culture.

Słowa kluczowe

Culture; cultural practices; evolutionism; cultural dynamics; identity; utopian thinking; cultural discourse

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