Axiology of the Right-wing Bioluddism

Łukasz Perlikowski



The main purpose of this article is to describe and elaborate an axiology of new political movement named bioluddism or
bioconservatism. We are going to focus on the right wing of biolludism, which embraces ideas and theories such authors
as John Kass, Francis Fukuyama and Michael Sandel. The background of our work is biopolitical litigation between bioluddists and transhumansists which takes place in contemporary USA. Common point to this theories is a crypto
-religious character of theirs argumentation. In conclusion we are going to show the value of this kind of arguments in
the contemporary political and ideological context.

Słowa kluczowe

bioluddism; transhumanism; Francis Fukuyama; Michael Sandel; Leon Kass; President’s Council on Bioethics; Factor X; wisdom of repugnance; ethics of giftedness

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