Carl Schmitt – myśliciel walki – czyli precz z fałszywym politycznym liberalnym konsensusem

Dominik Chojnowski



In this article I present radical approach to capitalist ideology using intellectual thoughts of Carl Schmitt. I also try to expose this part of his thinking that particularly can help us to understand contradictions of liberalism ideology and also weakness of democratic system. We must to find solution how to transform existing capitalist global regime of inequality and exploitation into more equally and really democratic structure. I assert that in this hard and specific task can help us critical approach toward capitalism, that is represented by many intellectuals from different Scientific disciplines and give us powerful and deep critique of existing regime. The neoliberal ideology try to defame both valuable though of Carl Schmitt and critical approach toward capitalism, but the time has come, new crises that started in 2007 showed the world weakness and bloodthirstiness of capitalist exploitation system. I used Schmitt to explore contradictions of still existing marriage between liberalism and democracy and also to try understand how we can transform this terrible situation into good ending.

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