Shared Services Centres in the Public and Private Sectors: The Case Study of the United Kingdom

Robert Gawłowski, Paweł Modrzyński



Purpose: The effectiveness and quality of the tasks performed is an indicator of the functioning of organisations in both the public and private sectors. This article presents experience in implementing Shared Services Centres (SSCs) in both sectors in Great Britain. What are the differences in implementing and functioning of SSCs in the public and private sector organisations, and how much can the organisations of both sectors learn from their experience – these are the key questions that the authors have answered in this article.

Design/ methodology/ approach: analysis of literature, reports and available databases.

Findings: Private sector experience in creating business process modelling for shared service centres has been implemented in the public sector in the UK. The nature of the shared services provided plays a significant part in the establishing of shared services cen-tres in self-government and government organisations.

Research and practical limitations/implications: The article has an important practical value. The results of the research presented in the article may be used to model business processes of public services covered by shared services.

Originality/value: The article presents principles of creating and designing shared services in the public sector. The article is direct-ed primarily to managers of public sector entities (self-government and government).

Paper type: literature review, theoretical paper.


shared services centres; public management; New Public Management

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