Analysis of the Current Situation in the Area of IPO on the Czech Capital Market

Tomáš Meluzín, Michal Pavlíček



Funding the development of the company through the ‘Initial Public Offering’ has a high representation globally, the Czech Republic unlike, and belongs to traditional methods of raising funds necessary for the development of business in the developed capital markets. Under the conditions of the Czech capital market it is possible to identify only few companies, who attempted to fund through the IPO way at present. The objective of this paper is to analyze the current situation in the area of IPO on the Czech capital market and identify the causes of the low number of IPO s in the Czech Republic. The paper was written with the financial support of the Czech Science Foundation (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), grant project No. 402/09/P134 ‘Decision Model of Company Financing via IPO ’.


Initial Public Offering (IPO); Financing; Czech Republic

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