Re-export of Financial Services

Marija Lindemane



The present article deals with the research of the concept of ‘re-export of financial services’ in banking, the examples of its practical expression and influence on economic processes. For theoretical formulation of the ‘re-export of financial services’ concept the author uses the method of inductive evidence to compare the concepts of export and re-export of goods and services, as well as analyzes historical information on the given subject. Special attention is paid to the comparison of ‘re-export of financial services’ with ‘re-export of capital’. The above mentioned research resulted in the author’s derivation of re-export theory. As practical examples of re-export of financial services the author quotes current schemes used by Latvian banks in their work with fast money transfers and with financial instruments trading on global markets. The article is completed by a disclosure and survey of positive and negative aspects of the influence of re-export, including financial services, on both subjects of economics and economy as a whole.


re-export; financial services; banking; export; capital re-export

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