Negative Discrimination and its Problems Arising in Labour Law Relationships in the European Union and Hungarian Legal Regulations

László Békési



This publication discusses the topic of the relationship between legal systems and employment in relation to one of the major obstructive factors: discrimination and unequal treatment. Its topicality is confirmed by the fact that through the occurrence of unequal treatment, considerable sources of tension are encountered currently in the various fields of employment, thinking, inter alia, about of discrimination related to sex, certain individuals, groups, and associated wages and benefits. The purpose of this short publication is to point out deficiencies in equal treatment through the examination of EU and Hungarian legal regulations, and to formulate suggestions to eliminate them – by, inter alia, amendments of and or additions to regulations, which steps will enable the law to really become a more effective infrastructural tool in the field of employment.


discrimination; equal treatment; equal opportunities; labour law relationships

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