Current Issues of Public Administration in the Field of Intellectual Property in Modern Ukraine

Yurii Boshytskyi



The article investigates issues of state administration in the sphere of intellectual property in Ukraine. The author analyses the current relative legislation and the intellectual property state policy legal provision.
The research suggests improving the existing system of intellectual property administration, harmonizing its parameters with the current and future market environment demands, optimizing the collective management organization.
The author proves that intellectual property efficiency is the source of additional profit during project realization, ensuring the product quality and competitiveness, expanding market possibilities and avoiding problems, arising in case of intellectual property rights infringement.
The article provides reasons for optimizing the legal protection of all intellectual property objects, broadening the range of the relative services in the sphere of intellectual property commercialization and developing the civilized market of intellectual property objects application.


intellectual property; ntellectual property administration; the intellectual property state service; the intellectual property legislation; intellectual property rights infringement

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