Is Freedom the Truth of Necessity? Thing-in-itself as the Ground of Apperance in Kant’s Philosophy

Andree Hahmann



This paper wants to shed some light on the relationship between the Kantian thing-in-itself and the fact of reason. Hence, this project leads into the heart of Kant’s theoretical and practical philosophy, for the differentiation between thing-in-itself and appearance must be considered the key to the resolution of the Third Antinomy and therefore, as an answer to one of the main questions of the Critique of pure reason: How is Freedom possible? However, what kind of relation is at stake here? If thing-in-itself is only understood as a conceptual claim, i.e. thing considered in itself, one cannot see, how this may reconcile freedom and necessity. Thus, this paper argues for a new interpretation of the relation between thing-in-itself and appearance.


Immanuel Kant; thing-in-itself; fact of reason; freedom; necessity

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