Spectral numbers and manifolds with boundary

Jelena Katić, Darko Milinković, Jovana Nikolić


We consider a smooth submanifold $N$ with a smooth boundary in an ambient closed manifold $M$ and assign a spectral invariant $c(\alpha,H)$ to every singular homological class $\alpha\in H_*(N)$ and a Hamiltonian $H$ defined on the cotangent bundle $T^*M$. We also derive certain properties of spectral numbers, for example we prove that spectral invariants $c_\pm(H,N)$ associated to the whole Floer homology $HF_*(H,N:M)$ of the submanifold $N$, are the limits of decreasing nested family of open sets.


Spectral numbers; Floer homology; Lagrangian submanifolds; manifolds with boundary

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