Existence of globally attracting fixed points of viscous Burgers equation with constant forcing. A computer assisted proof

Jacek Cyranka

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/TMNA.2015.031


We present a computer assisted method for proving the existence of globally attracting fixed points of dissipative PDEs. An application to the viscous Burgers equation with periodic boundary conditions and a forcing function constant in time is presented as a case study. We establish the existence of a locally attracting fixed point by using rigorous numerics techniques. To prove that the fixed point is, in fact, globally attracting we introduce a technique relying on a construction of an absorbing set, capturing any sufficiently regular initial condition after a finite time. Then the absorbing set is rigorously integrated forward in time to verify that any sufficiently regular initial condition is in the basin of attraction of the fixed point.


Viscous Burgers equation; computer assisted proof; fixed point; dissipative PDE; rigorous numerics; Galerkin projection

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