Nontrivial solutions of fourth-order singular boundary value problems with sign-changing nonlinear terms

Kemei Zhang


In this paper, the fourth-order singular boundary value problem (BVP)
\aligned &u^{(4)}(t)=h(t)f(u(t)),\ \ t\in(0,1),\\
is considered under some conditions concerning the first
characteristic value corresponding to the relevant
linear operator, where $h$ is allowed to be singular at both $t=0$
and $t=1$. In particular, $f\colon (-\infty,\infty)\rightarrow
(-\infty,\infty)$ may be a sign-changing and unbounded function
from below, and it is not also necessary to exist a control
function for $f$ from below. The existence results of nontrivial
solutions and positive-negative solutions are given by
the topological degree theory and the fixed point index theory, respectively.


Nontrivial solution; topological degree; fixed point index

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