Homotopy perturbation solution for peristaltic flow of a third order fluid

A. M. Siddiqui, Q. A. Azim, A. Ashraf, Q. K. Ghori


The peristaltic transport of a third order fluid in a planar channel as well
as in an axisymmetric tube having walls that are transversely displaced by
an infinite, harmonic travelling wave of large wavelength and negligibly
small Reynolds number, has been analyzed using homotopy perturbation
technique. Unlike perturbation method, this method does not restrict the
Deborah number $\Gamma $ to be very large or small and works fairly well
for any choice of $\Gamma $. The expressions for stream function and
pressure rise per wavelength have been obtained up to second order of


Peristalsis; third order fluid; symmetric channel; axisymmetric tube; Homotopy perturbation method

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