System Approach to Teleonomy of Biological Organization

Szczepan W. Ślaga



Summary. The paper deals with natural immanent teleology of biosystems. With respect to M. Bunge’s view of theoretical constructs the author takes a system-informational theory of bioorganization and search the factual references in the form of real objects and processes exhibiting the features of goal-directed activities.
Equifinality as a main feature of open and dynamic systems is proposed to be related to the idea of a program bearing information. An internal dynamics and the coordination of different processes in biosystems takes place under the influence of diverse regulations and control mechanisms with the latter acting as a result of adequate internal or external information. We therefore may say that processes in biosystems are accomplishing in accordance with that program and are directed to the goal inducated by information encoded in this program.
The specific organization of biosystems and biological processes seems to be the foundation of teleology in biology. This organization is the empirical basis and the factual reference of teleological statements and a starting-point for formulation of criteria of an approval of these systems as teleonomic and processes as goal-directed ones. The problem of teleological explanation is not analysed here.


biology; biological organization; teleonomy

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