La astronomía de Ptolomeo y el caso Galileo: dos aportes histórico-epistemológicos

Gonzalo Recio



Ptolemy´s astronomy and the Galileo case: two historical and epistemological considerations

The Galileo case is the most famous example of the encounter betwen science and Faith. The debate was centered, among others, in the field of epistemology and the history of science. The paper shows that the Galilean pretentions of interpreting the heliocentric hypothesis in a realistic way did not constituted a novelty, but rather it was a continuation of the most important Ptolemaic astronomical tradition. It also argues that the Copernican hypothesis did not inaugurate, because of the introduction of the Earth´s motion, a new phase of conflict between astronomy and physics. This conflict already existed, at least, since the times of Ptolemy.


Almagest; astronomy and physics; Catholic church and science

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