Si può parlare di Dio nel contesto della scienza contemporanea?

Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti



Is it possible to speak about God in the context of contemporary science?

The question of God, neglected in the philosophy of the twentieth century, emerges unexpectedly in contemporary science. However, the access to the notion of God through scientific rationality does not imply a demonstration of its existence, but rather a question on his significance within such context: there must be a space available for a discourse about the Logos which the scientific rationality can recognize. This space can be instantiated in four semantic areas marked by: (1) the incomplete nature of the formal language; (2) the incomplete nature of the ontologically contingent physical reality; (3) the rationality, order and intelligibility of the cosmos; (4) the personalist-existential dimension of scientific activity. The question about meaning and the opening to the “ineffable” arise within the analysis of scientific knowledge because the method and tools of scientific work can be transcended without being contradicted.


Science and Religion; Discourse about God; Philosophy of Science

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