Materialno-biologiczny wymiar obrazu Bożego w człowieku

Robert J. Woźniak



Material-biological dimension of the image of God in man

The article presents the theology of imago Dei in perspective of scientific vision of human being. Today such vision is determined in the very special way by increasing influence of neurology and cognitive sciences. They claim that rationality and freedom of human being is grounded in the specific biological structures and can be explained by it. From such perspective imago Dei, which was defined by theological tradition as linked to human rationality and freedom, should not be understood as a merely spiritual dimension. New approaches and data of sciences introduce the necessity of rethinking traditional idea of the image toward broader articulation of its material character and nature. Human being, as a corporeal being, is the image of God. Such statement does not imply any kind of inappropriate reductionism or ontological monism and cannot be taken as an intellectual justification of radical naturalism. The article shows how this claim can be proved from the point of view of classical Christian doctrine of creation.


imago Dei; theology; materiality; reductionism; science

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