On the Issue of Opposition: Introduction to the Subject – Typology of Definition – Range of Influence

Marcin Leźnicki, Malina Barcikowska

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/PCh.2014.022


This text addresses the issue of opposition, which is currently widely discussed in science and beyond, showing itself on five different planes of being a human such as: natural things and processes, mental experiences, objective counterparts, social and cultural institutions, as well as on the plane of spirit. It is also worth noting that although the word has several synonyms like resist, do not agree to, defy, refuse or protest; eventually, identifying opposition with these words reduces the meaning of opposition as will be shown in this article. However, the synonymous understanding of opposition will understandably change depending on the choice of the plane and it will also be discussed here. In addition to the introduction to the issue of opposition and its typology, a wide range of influence of the definition of opposition in relation to the practical references will be highlighted.


opposition; plane of natural things and processes; plane of mental experiences; plane of objective counterparts; plane of social and cultural institutions; plane of spirit; identity

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