Plus ratio quam vis. The proposal of modern education – religion dialogue

Jarosław Michalski



The main aim of this article is to present a proposal of modern education – religion dialogue; an attempt to answer a question – how contemporarily religious education should look like. In a religious education, which can be described as “the one which comes out of a man and is focused on a man”, a central point of educational process is a man indeed. At the basis of presented conception lies a famous maxim of a great learned Paweł Włodkowic – Plus ratio quam vis, the motto which later has been taken over by many European Universities as a credo of its academical activity. This maxim literally can be understood as: More reason than strength. The author refers to the classic anthropology and affirms that today’s society of “pace”, “adventure” and “risk”, in the name of counteraction of it’s own break-up should protect the fields of individuals’ identification and, on the other hand, should cherish the ability of dialogue and understanding. This can be achieved by the project of effective relation between Church, religion and education, in order to leave “dialogique” trace in human existence.

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