Educational indications for fathers in the light of Eph 6, 4

Jerzy Kułaczkowski



One of the most important problem at present time is crisis of fatherhood, especially seen at careless of bringing up their own children by fathers. In connection with that appears a question about a sort and scope of education, that should be taken by fathers. Researching of proper methods, means and appropriate using them to realization of education of the children by father is nowadays particularly precious. It is necessary to find a source that included some educational indications. Such a source might be treated the Holy Bible. It has lots of texts about bringing up the children. One of these texts is Eph 6, 4. In the light of this text a father is particularly obliged to education of their own children. He should pay a special attention for proper methods of education, among them, especially teaching and discipline. Father should avoid any methods that may cause anger behaviour at their children. Using these methods helps to keeping order in a family life. This is why, these educational indications to father included in Eph 6, 4, seemed to be helpful at present time to get fathers more responsible for bringing up the children and also in this way to get this process more effective.

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